ICSA eLibrary


ICSA has been collecting electronic copies of news articles and summaries of news articles for more than 25 years. A number of volunteers have contributed to this endeavor and have processed more than 25,000 articles. In particular, we want to thank Carol Giambalvo, Joseph Kelly, and Patrick Ryan for their diligence in creating an earlier version of the ICSA e-library.

During these many years, articles have been stored in various versions of Outlook. Though they have been coded by group, it has been difficult to maintain absolute consistency and accuracy in the coding, especially given the number of volunteers who have contributed to this special collection. Therefore, you may have to use more than one group tag and group code to find everything relevant to a particular group in our e-library, especially for the groups with many news items.

ICSA's main website, www.icsahome.com, has several hundred group pages that are available to ICSA members. These pages contain news summaries published in our current magazine, ICSA Today, and in the retired, Cultic Studies Review. During 2015, we plan to add these news summaries to the database on www.icsaelibrary.com. When this is accomplished, our e-library will be about as comprehensive as we can realistically make it.

If you are aware of published articles or links to websites that are pertinent to specific groups and that are not in our e-library, feel free to send us the material for possible inclusion in the e-library.